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All I Have to Do is Breathe - Ria Pacquée

All I Have to Do is Breathe - Ria Pacquée
28-12-2017 14:00
This performance by Ria Pacquée (b. 1954, Merksem) is based on an old stretcher she found in the vaults of the church, which reminded her of ecclesiastical processions.

Four girls carry a melting block of ice on the stretcher, around the church, while the artist hides in the vault surrounded by coconuts. What is this about? What should we believe? Pacquée’s oeuvre flourishes on the tension of ‘non-sense’: how do rituals give our lives meaning? Can rituals like processions serve as anchors in the 21stcentury?

Sint-Jozefkerk (vaults and vicinity)


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