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Thirty Three Degrees - Chantal Yzermans

Thirty Three Degrees - Chantal Yzermans
06-01-2018 14:00 06-01-2018 20:00
Chantal Yzermans (°1975,Oostende) was invited by curators Jan Fabre & Joanna De Vos to present a performance for the exhibition 'The Raft .Art is (not) Lonely'.

Yzermans focuses on 33 degrees, measure of the slanted position of the raft in the painting by Géricault. This iconic diagonal, found in Baroque dramaturgy, has become a source of investigation for her own work. In the abundance of over-represented flesh in Géricault, she sees the overflowing abundance of nakedness in the contemporary digital world of dating sites on the internet. Yzermans takes the painting out of its unidimensional canvas and, through movement, video and installation transposes it into space as a multidimensional media.

Chantal Yzermans is a Belgian choreographer/researcher currently living in Paris. Yzermans creates performances in collaboration with visual artists, musicians, dancers and scientists. For 5 years she studied with Merce Cunningham and his company in New York. Back in Europe, she created the ensemble Radical Low, an open structure that facilitates the production of highly diverse projects and interdisciplinary collaborations. Her latest creations all gravitate around nature versus technology, contemporary rituals and artistic appropriation.

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