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Jan Fabre (1958, Antwerpen) 


Artworks by this artist

Kunst is (niet) eenzaam, 1986

Kunst is (niet) eenzaam, 1986 © Angelos. Foto: Attilio Maranzano
JAN FABRE Romestraat 11, 8400 Oostende

Art is (not) lonely, the title of an 80’s paradigm, is a miniature world which conveys Jan Fabre’s vision of artistry. The extensions he built to his raft were a gym, an athletic track and a football pitch: a problem shared is a problem halved. He denotes the enduring desire to resign ourselves to fate. Art and communication as the driving force to a promising destination.


Openingsperformance : A beautiful match between artists and curators

Openingsperformance : A beautiful match between artists and curators
JAN FABRE Leopold Van Tyghemlaan 62, 8400 Oostende

Saturday October 21 "Het Vlot. Kunst is (niet) eenzaam' will open with 'A beautiful match between artists and curators'. Curators Jan Fabre and Joanna De Vos will put on their soccer boots together with colleagues from all over the world.

This performance is free so everyone is welcome to join. We have more than 8.000 seats available.

During the day it will be possible to buy tickets for "Het Vlot. Kunst is (niet) eenzaam" to visit (more than 20) all locations. The performance is free!

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