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Manfred Erjautz (1966, Graz) 

Artworks by this artist

Aqua e sole, uit de reeks: Soletti Giacometti, 1994/2014

Aqua e sole, uit de reeks: Soletti Giacometti, 1994/2014
MANFRED ERJAUTZ Dorpsstraat , 8400 Oostende

There is no snack more popular in Austria than Soletti’s crunchy salt sticks. But what does this have to do with the world famous, stick figures by the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti? In the series Soletti Giacometti, Manfred Erjautz (b. 1966, Graz) portrays our passivity, as we nibble away in front of our TV sets, while watching the swelling stream of refugees on the screen day in, day out.

A second work by Erjautz can be seen from Maritiem Plein: a bronze sculpture in the water.

Shelter (The Raft), 2017

Shelter (The Raft), 2017 ©Manfred Erjautz
MANFRED ERJAUTZ Maritiemplein 1, 8400 Oostende

At the old jetty opposite the docking area of the Raveel boats, a female figure is floating on the water. Her body is hollow and there are gaping holes where her arms, legs and head should be. Depending on the tides the sculpture is either just above or below the waterline; the seawater churns its way through the sculpture. In his work artist Manfred Erjautz (b. 1966, Graz) often explores the contrast between the internal and the external, and the mechanisms of society.

His second bronze sculpture is on display at Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-ter-Duinenkerk: Aqua e sole, from the series Soletti Giacometti. 

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