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Per-for-mance means a person who per-for-ates himself and his surroundings (it is simultaneously an analysis, a destruction and an honouring).
From: Nachtboek, Jan Fabre, New York, 20 February 1982.


Le radeau de Fortune

On the raft, a short film is shown in a loop.

Longing Lasts Longer

Penny Arcade (b. 1950, New Britain) uses her quirky stand-up show Longing Lasts Longer...

All I Have to Do is Breathe

This performance by Ria Pacquée (b. 1954, Merksem) is based on an old stretcher she found in the vaults of the church, which reminded her of ecclesiastical processions.

Thirty Three Degrees

For over five years, performance artist, choreographer and dancer Chantal Yzermans (b. 1969, Ostend) was the apprentice of Merce Cunningham in New York.

The parable of the raft and the sea of cosmic latte

This performance activates the film Cosmic Latte, which addresses the importance of rituals within a belief system.

‘What! Art though like the adder waxen and deaf, be poisonous too and kill thy forlom Queen?’

The performance by Filippos Tsitsopoulos (b. 1967, Athens) denotes a contemporary cabinet of curiosities.

Hands Against the Wall

Visual artist Ben Benaouisse (b. 1971, Familleureux) chooses one powerful pose in this performance.

Sculptures, 2017 (date subject to change)

Ivo Dimchev (b.1976, Sofia)) once started with improvised performances, during which he would sing now and then, but in time, he took the musical side more seriously.

Dead Swan (dunner kebab)

In this performance, the Israeli artist Sigalit Landau (b. 1969, Jerusalem) replaces the traditional ballerina, normally seen doing pirouettes in a music box, with real meat.

I Am Just Going Outside And May Be Sometime

Artist couple VestAndPage took the inspiration for this performance from the polar explorers of the early 20th-century, whom they studied during their residency on Antarctica.

Hourglass, 2017

Johanna van Overmeir (b. 1983, Duffel) produces quirky performances, video art and installations, in which she often acts as a human medium.


In this work by Ruben Bellinkx (b. 1975, Wilrijk), a group of men with supernatural powers clench a table in their mouths, and on that table are other men are doing the same.

Petitie tegen de dood, 2017

‘I don’t agree, I don’t want to die!’ In her playful and lyrical Petition against Death ORLAN attempts to keep death at bay with these words.


In the series ‘LEMONISM x ACTIONISM’, Akemi Takeya (b. 1961, Aomori) confronts two isms: Actionism is a known artistic movement from Vienna in the 1960s, whereas Lemonism sprouted from Takeya’s very own imagination.